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2008 News in Brief



Graduate student James Vanzo receives Marvin Goody Award

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Graduate student James Vanzo has just been awarded the Marvin E. Goody Award to support his thesis, “Nanochemomechanical Analysis of Cement Paste Subjected to Carbonation.” The $5,000 award is given to MIT graduate students in any department whose work explores the bond between good design and good building, extends the horizons of existing building techniques and materials, and fosters links between the academic world and the building industry. Professor Franz Ulm is Vanzo’s thesis advisor. Yaniv Junno Ophir, a graduate student in the Architecture Studies program, also received an award for his thesis, titled “Programmable Space: An AI Approach to Programmatic Organization in Architecture.” Members of the award committee are Marilyne Andersen, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture; Professor Yung Ho Chang, head of the Department of Architecture; Professor Herbert Einstein of CEE; and Professor Patrick Jaillet, CEE department head.