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2016 News in Brief



Markus Buehler’s work highlighted in the New York Times

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PHOTO: “Sandcastle No. 3,” drawn on a single grain of sand, part of a Vik Muniz series from 2013On March 4, Department Head Markus Buehler’s work was reviewed in a piece by the New York Times titled, “At MIT, Science Embraces a New Chaos Theory: Art”. The article covers several artistic collaborations within the Institute – including Buehler’s continued work with artist Tomás Saraceno on the study of the structure of spider silk protein and its potential as a future, synthetically replicated building material. “Tomás and I have pushed the boundaries in what we thought we could do,” Buehler said. “[As scientists] we ground ourselves when we actually get to work, but it’s important to be creative. That’s why I put Tomás and the students in the same room. They can learn from him as an artist to think wildly, and that’s necessary to solve a problem.” Read the article.