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2016 News in Brief



Maximizing impact in the 2016 mini-UROP

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PHOTO: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate student Anthony Carrasquillo (right) and freshman Judy Wang collected lignin from the coast, then experimented in the lab to see if light accelerates its degradation.For the past two years, graduate students Fatima Hussain and Julia Hopkins have offered a mini-UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) for freshmen during the Independent Activities Period (IAP). Designed to provide a taste of the diverse research in CEE, this year’s mini-UROP attracted 18 students and was offered as a six-unit subject (1.097) that required students to work on a research project one-on-one with a graduate student or postdoc mentor for at least 30 hours per week. “What interested me most was the opportunity to explore what’s available within CEE,” said Grace Melcher ’19.  “It gave me the chance to get real lab experience and learn more about the variety of different topics covered in Course 1. My opinion about Course 1 changed now that I know about the huge flexibility of a Course 1 degree.” Read the article.