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2014 News in Brief



New Course 1 flexible undergraduate program prepares students to solve today’s grand challenges

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1-ENG SchematicBeginning fall 2014, CEE will offer a new flexible undergraduate program, 1-ENG, which will give students the flexibility of designing their unique and challenging educational programs to suit their individual interests, career goals, and aspirations. Students can create any educational track by combining Course 1 foundational courses with a core subject area — mechanics and materials, environmental engineering science, systems, or a combination of these. Sample track templates include Energy; Bio-inspired Mechanics and Mechanics for Biology; Systems; Environmental Engineering Science with flavors in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Civil Engineering; Structures, Architecture and Design; Sustainable Buildings and Cities; and Transportation. The program will provide students with a rigorous foundation in mathematics, computation, probability and statistics, and data analysis. Tracks emphasize quantitative approaches and offer ample opportunities to apply coursework through hands-on laboratory and project-oriented subjects. Read more. See 1-ENG requirements.