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2011 News in Brief



Ochsendorf and his new book on Guastavino vaulting featured in Boston Globe

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An article in the Feb. 26 Boston Globe focuses on Professor John Ochsendorf and his new book,”Guastavino Vaulting: The Art of Structural Tile” (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010"Guastavino Vaulting" by John Ochsendorf). Architect Rafael Guastavino (1842–1908) and son are famous for their technique of constructing architectural arches and ceilings using thin interlocking tiles. These vaults were used in hundreds of large public projects across the U.S., including the Boston Public Library and New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, but the Guastavino name isn’t well known by the general public, mainly because the family served as contractor rather than primary architect on these projects. Ochsendorf’s book traces the development of the vaulting technique from its origins in Europe though its use in the United States, and includes photographs by Michael Freeman. Ochsendorf is a professor of civil and environmental engineering and architecture. He received a MacArthur Fellowship in 2008.