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2009 News in Brief



Parsons grad students win AGU awards for paper presentations

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Parsons Laboratory graduate students Gajan Sivandran and Sarah Jane White each received an Outstanding Student Paper Award (hydrology section) for work presented at the American Geological Society’s 2008 Fall meeting in San Francisco. Sivandran, a member of the Rafael Bras group, was recognized for “An Eleven-Year Validation of a Physically-Based Distributed Dynamic Ecohydrological Model tRIBS+VEGGIE: Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed, Arizona.” White’s paper, “The Rise of III-V Semiconductors and their Impact on Environmental Indium Concentrations,” considered the environmental cycling of trace metals. “I study the potential impacts of metals, including indium, that are found in new semiconductor technologies such as photovoltaic panels and high-efficiency LEDs,” she explained. “The use of indium is increasing rapidly, but its environmental behavior and impacts are poorly understood. The ultimate goal is to determine the environmental impacts of industrially-important metals early on, so that new technologies can be developed sustainably.”  White works with Professor Harold Hemond.