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2014 News in Brief



Research Associate Sheila Frankel retires

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Research Associate, Sheila FrankelAfter 41 years at Parsons Lab, Sheila Frankel retired on July 1, 2014. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my MIT journey: research, colleagues, working with grad students, teaching undergrads, and above all designing and implementing the IAP undergrad course, TREX,” she wrote. Over the years she led TREX groups on field research expeditions to Florida, Hawaii and Australia, “a highlight of my years at MIT.” The director of Parsons Lab, Philip Gschwend, stated, “We will dearly miss Sheila with her enthusiasm for new techniques to see the world, her patient nurturing of our undergraduate and graduate students, her indefatigable emphasis on intra-lab and intra-MIT communication, and her amazing ability to make things work in the Parsons Lab.”