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2014 News in Brief



Sophomore wins Data Science Challenge prize

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Izunna OkonkwoIzunna Okonkwo, a sophomore in the 1.00 Introduction to Computation and Engineering Problem Solving class, received the $5000 Creative Breakthrough prize in the Data Science Challenge on May 30. Sponsored by Accenture and the MIT Alliance in Business Analytics, which is headed by Professor David Simchi-Levi, contestants analyzed and visualized large data sets from Chicago to try to improve life in the city. Okonkwo highlighted the academic performance of schools in different Chicago neighborhoods in relation to food inspection violations. Professor John Williams, who teaches 1.00, noted that two other students from the class also won awards. “This year we changed the curriculum in 1.00 to focus on what is called “Big Data” and it’s a wonderful achievement for all three main prizes to be won by our students,” he said. See Okonkwo’s website: