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2008 News in Brief



Steel bridge team constructs a winner

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The Steel Bridge team placed first in construction time and second overall in the regional competition of the ASCE Steel Bridge Competition on Saturday, ensuring the team’s spot at the national competition in May. The team’s bridge design—described as a frame-supported, cable-stayed bridge—is an original that did well in the competition against girder bridges, truss bridges, and an arch bridge with a box girder deck. Northeastern University won first place in the competition with its Warren truss bridge. Scores are measured as a dollar amount, simulating costs for construction, material and robustness over time. Northeastern came in at $3.6M, MIT at $4.6M, and third-place UConn at $4.7M. Junior Lauren Biscombe placed third in the ASCE paper competition with her paper and speech on Infrastructure Privatization. Read team member Quinn Volmert’s account.