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2015 News in Brief



TREX presents findings at the Boston Museum of Science

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PHOTO: The TREX 2015 Group

On May 11, the CEE undergraduates who participated in the TREX spring continuation course presented their research to a group of grades K-8 curriculum and educational researchers at the Boston Museum of Science (MoS). The event, an hour-long presentation followed by open discussion, complemented the students’ field and lab practice with equally meaningful communications. “Our MoS team gained an understanding of the types of field research that the students conducted,” said Melissa Higgins, director of curriculum development at the MoS. “Understanding this type of real science and engineering work is a great starting point for us as we think about the potential engineering activities we might develop for young learners.” The TREX team began their exploration of Mt. Kilauea’s plume during MIT’s 2015 Independent Activities Period (IAP), with ten students continuing on to analyze the collected data this the spring semester. To read more, please see here.