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2011 News in Brief



Voting is open for Community Choice Awards in the MIT Global Challenge

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At least eight teams in the MIT Global Challenge have CEE students or alumni as members. Course 1 senior Tiffany Cheng and Course 7 grad student Alison Takemura of the Martin Polz lab are working on Showergy. CEE graduate student Samantha O’Keefe ’09 is part of the Safe Water World team. CEE doctoral student Peter Kyungchul Kang S.M. ’10 is team leader of AQUA. Junior Scott Landers and senior Connie Lu are members of GrubCycle. CEE alumnus Jean Pierre Nshimyimana ’10 is a member of HydroHarvest. M.Eng students Yangyue Zhang, Matthew Bono, Julian Houbrechts and Genevieve Ho are on Team Jeevikah. 1C senior Ingrid Chaires is on team Flour Power. M.Eng. student Joanna Cummings is on team Kosim Water Keg. Voting for the $5,000 Community Choice Awards in the MIT Global Challenge is open through April 25. Individuals may vote for up to five teams.