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2014 News in Brief



What’s in your air?

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computer-generated image of CLAIRITY nodeEvery senior at MIT has come to know the campus in a personal way, having established favorite haunts for studying, eating, resting and playing during their four years at the Institute. But the Course 1 Class of 2014 is getting to know the campus on an even more intimate level, and wants to share that with others. These students just completed deployment of a highly sophisticated air-quality monitoring network that covers most of the 0.25-square-mile campus. The network, called CLAIRITY, has 24 indoor and outdoor sensor nodes that continuously measure gases and the small particles found in air pollution and send these data via wireless to a central computer. They formally launched the network and its web portal in a public presentation May 6. The network represents two semesters of work for the students, who designed, built and deployed the network as the capstone project in the CEE engineering design subject. Read a news story. See a photo album.