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2016 News in Brief



Zhao Ma Recipient of the Spring 2016 Marvin E. Goody Award

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AwardMa, a dual degree candidate in M.Eng. in CEE and M.Arch. in Architecture, was awarded the Marvin E. Goody award for his thesis proposal, “Drone-based Assembly System for Generative Design and High-tolerance Construction”. The Goody award is given to a graduate student who is expecting to complete his or her Master’s thesis at the end of the following term, and who explores the bond between good design and good building, extends the horizons of existing building techniques and materials, and fosters links between academia and the building industry. The next call for applications will be in October for Master’s students graduating in June 2017. For more information about the award, visit the Grants, Awards and Prizes section of the Graduate Students Handbook.