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2009 News in Brief



Ben-Akiva awarded honorary degree from Sweden’s KTH

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Moshe Ben-Akiva, the Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering received an honorary doctorate on Nov. 21 from KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden. The degree recognizes Ben-Akiva as a “visionary and leading researcher within the transport modeling field with strong links to KTH, Swedish transport organizations and the Swedish telecom industry. His unique contributions have led to the development and application of discrete choice analysis theory to transport demand models, and he is considered to be the initiator of the entire modern era within this particular area of research.” Ben-Akiva also co-edited a book titled, “Recent Developments in Transport Modeling: Lessons for the Freight Sector” (Elsevier Science, 2009), with Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van de Voorde of the University of Antwerp.