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2009 News in Brief



Harvey receives Hubbert Award honoring his scientific contributions

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Charles Harvey, the Doherty Associate Professor in CEE, received the 2008 M. King Hubbert Award from the National Ground Water Association at its annual meeting in December. The award acknowledges major science or engineering contributions to the knowledge of groundwater research, technical papers, teaching and practical applications. The citation for the award praises Harvey’s studies during 1994-2003 “as instrumental in shifting the course of transport research in groundwater” and his “trademark ability to think ‘outside the box’…and to produce creative solutions that both advance the theory and the practice.” Describing work done by Harvey and his former doctoral student, Brendan Zinn Ph.D. ’03, the citation describes their “simple but elegant illustration of a disconnect between reality and popular statistical models of subsurface heterogeneity,” and Harvey’s laboratory studies of reactive solute that “provided a quantum leap” in understanding coupled physical and chemical processes in porous media. Finally, the citation recognizes Harvey’s field studies of coastal hydrology and his investigation into the large-scale public health crisis of arsenic contamination in Bangladesh.