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2016 News in Brief



Otto X. Cordero awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

Professor Otto X. Cordero was selected as one of eleven MIT recipients of the 2016 Sloan Research Fellowship – a $50,000 fellowship given to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them as rising […]

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Stories from the swamp

For graduate student Alison Hoyt, her last several summers have been spent researching the hydrology and carbon cycling of the peat swamp forests on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. More specifically, her CEE passions are centered […]

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Winners of the #CEE_IAP competition

Two winners were selected for the #CEE_IAP Instagram competition: graduate student Scott Middleton for the best photo, and junior Kali Rosendo for most submissions. During IAP, Middleton participated in a bamboo bicycle frame-building workshop. Over the course of […]

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6th Annual Research Speed Dating Day

You are cordially invited to the 6th CEE Research Speed Dating Day on Thursday, Feb. 18 from 1-7 pm in the MIT New Media Lab (E14, 6th Floor). The event promises to be another exciting showcase […]

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Ice Skating with CEE Outings Committee

On Feb. 5, the CEE Outings Committee organized an evening of ice-skating, music, and hot chocolate at MIT’s Johnson Ice Rink, attended by 90 plus students, faculty and staff. Graduate student Jane Chui as well undergraduate students […]

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Riddle of cement’s structure is finally solved

Many fundamental questions about the microscopic structure and behavior of concrete have remained elusive – until now. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team with CEE collaborators has identified key factors […]

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Dissecting microscale ‘phycospheres’ in the ocean

In the ocean, the microenvironment surrounding phytoplankton cells is rich in dissolved organic matter, and bacteria competing for this matter are advantageous if they can perform chemotaxis, the sensing and movement toward a chemical source. Postdocs […]

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Structure of kerogen revealed

In a recent study published in the journal Nature Materials by a team of researchers including Professor Franz-Josef Ulm, postdoc Colin Bousige, and Research Scientist Roland J.-M. Pellenq have revealed kerogen’s internal structure, in detail down to the atomic level. The findings reveal important […]

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Uncovering the secrets to elastin’s flexibility

Elastin, a crucial building block in our bodies, and its remarkable flexibility has remained an unsolved question — until now. Published in Science Advances from a team including doctoral student Anna Tarakanova SM ’15 and Department Head […]

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Call for 2016 CEE award nominations

The deadline to submit your nominations for the 2016 CEE Awards is fast approaching! All members from the CEE community are welcome to submit a nomination to no later than March 31. In your nomination package, please include any applicable […]

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Apply for the Carroll L. Wilson Scholarship

The Carroll L. Wilson (CLW) Award provides an opportunity for one current graduating MIT senior to pursue a challenging international activity in topics that will address problems in energy, health, technology, the environment, sustainability, or science. […]

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Deadline to apply for Shell Internship in India extended

MIT-India is accepting applications for several internship positions at Shell Bangalore until February 10. There are currently nine projects available to which any interested current or former student may apply. Please click here for more information on […]

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