Postdoctoral associate Sarah Fletcher publishes research in Nature Communications

Sarah Fletcher, a postdoctoral associate in Bacardi Stockholm Water Foundations Professor Dara Entekhabi’s lab, published research in Nature Communications called “Learning about climate change uncertainty enables flexible water infrastructure planning.” The researchers designed a new planning framework that provides information about regional climate change overtime in order to evaluate the necessity of the implementation of [...]

Professor Ali Jadbabaie wins Multiuniversity Research Initiative (MURI) award from US Department of Defense

JR East Professor Ali Jadbabaie won the Multiuniversity Research Initiative (MURI) award from the US Department of Defense for a 5-year basic research program. The award aims to support research efforts that contain more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. Jadbabaie’s project topic included the development of a unified theory of rational decision-making with [...]

Jeremy Gregory and researchers outline new pavement maintenance model

Executive director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub Jeremy Gregory outlines a new pavement maintenance model accounting for future uncertainties in cost and deterioration. Gregory and researchers proposed a new approach to long-term infrastructure preservation, called simulation optimization life-cycle analysis (LCCA). This method factors in the cost of future maintenance to an overall project, considering uncertainties [...]

Tim Roberts ’19 named Google Cloud Academic All-America Team Member of the Year for Men’s Basketball

Tim Roberts ’19 is named the Google Cloud Academic All-America Team Member of the Year for Division III Men’s Basketball. Roberts achieved second team honors in 2017-18, and this season had the best shooting season in school history with a 68.6 field goal percentage. Read more here.

Graduate student Janelle Heslop featured in MIT Spectrum

CEE and Sloan School of Management Graduate student Janelle Heslop is in her final year of the Leaders for Global Operations Program (LGO). She was featured in MIT Spectrum, discussing her passion for working at the intersection of environmentalism and business. Read more here.

CEE hosts annual research speed dating event

On February 15, 2019, CEE hosted their annual research speed dating event that brought together faculty, postdocs, undergraduates, graduates and research scientists to present their research findings and objectives. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion and digital poster session, fostering intradepartmental collaboration and discussion of future efforts to solve global issues. Read more [...]

CEE Visiting scientist Dr. Judah Cohen and Professor of Biology Ernest Fraenkel win subseasonal climate forecast rodeo competition

scientist Dr. Judah Cohen collaborated with Professor of Biological Engineering Ernest Fraenkel, two Stanford University PhD students and a Microsoft researcher in a Subseasonal Climate Forecast Rodeo Competition and won first place in 3 out of 4 temperature forecasting categories. The researchers created a climate model combining historical weather pattern recognition and machine learning in [...]

Professor Oral Buyukozturk delivers plenary lecture at the 2019 Gulf Conference in Kuwait on Sustainable Built Environment

From March 10 - 13, Professor Oral Buyukozturk delivered the plenary lecture at the 2019 Gulf Conference in Kuwait entitled “Roadmap for Sustainable Built Environment: a science-based multidisciplinary research.” The conference was the result of the successful completion of the first MIT - Kuwait multidisciplinary signature project in which Buyukozturk was the Principal Investigator involving a total [...]

Research on the camouflaging characteristics of squid featured in New York Times

McAfee Professor of Engineering and Department Head Markus Buehler and the Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics (LAMM) was featured in the New York Times for their research about the camouflaging characteristics of squid. Due to tiny pockets of pigment and reflectors made of protein, squid are able to rapidly produce a wide range of colors [...]

Sarah Fletcher receives 2019 American Water Works Association Academic Achievement award for Best Doctoral Thesis

Postdoctoral associate Sarah Fletcher received the 2019 American Water Works Association Academic Achievement award for Best Doctoral Thesis on “Learning and flexibility for water supply infrastructure planning under diverse uncertainties.” The award recognizes contributions within the field of public water supply. Read more here.