ONE-MA3: Castle on the Hill

By Anna Landler '22 I went into this trip with few expectations. That’s not the same as low expectations. I simply did not have any concrete things that I expected. I had a notion of general positive feelings towards the trip to Italy, and that’s about it. The first few days were incredible. We arrived [...]

ONE-MA3: More Than Travel Companions

By Anna Landler '22 ONE-MA3 has provided each of us with an unrivaled experience. We have had experts lecture in every aspect of conservation from history to preservation methods. Just the other day we had Duncan, a Roman society, environment and technology expert, give us a tour around Pompeii that exceeded any tours provided on [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XIX: Face-to-Face With 3000-Year-old Artifacts!

By Sophia Mittman '22 Usually, most ancient artifacts can only be seen being displayed behind glass under scattered spotlight, or even from afar behind a rail. Today however, there were no boundaries when it came to analyzing thousand-year-old Egyptian sarcophagi, relic boxes, and statuettes (besides the obvious restrictions of not touching the objects). Each of [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XVIII: Night at the Egyptian Museum…During the Day

By Sophia Mittman '22 We all know the story of Night at the Museum, and many of us can admit to fantasizing when we were younger about what might happen if artifacts of figurines and mummies came alive in museums when no one was watching. Well, at the Museo Egizio in Turin, history actually does [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XIV: Pompeii!

By Sophia Mittman '22 A short night of rest and our bags packed fully once again, we said goodbye to Terracina and made the trek to Pompeii by bus. (Fun fact that I learned: Pompeii with two i’s is the old city that is now in ruins...Pompei with only one "i" is the new and [...]

The Department celebrates Class of 2019 and outstanding members of community at CEE awards banquet

On May 17, 2019 the Department gathered for the annual CEE awards banquet to celebrate the class of 2019 and their senior capstone presentations, and to applaud the CEE award recipients. Awards were given to the best capstone posters and to notable members of the community who have significantly contributed to the CEE mission. The [...]

Professor Heidi Nepf and Dr. Jiarui Lei, publish research on seagrass’ ability to curb erosion

Donald and Martha Harleman Professor Heidi Nepf and recent PhD student Jiarui Lei published research in the Journal of Fluids and Structures titled “Blade dynamics in combined waves and current” and in Coastal Engineering, titled “Wave damping by flexible vegetation,” that demonstrates seagrass’ strong potential for curbing erosion. By dissipating wave energy, the plants could help protect vulnerable shorelines in [...]

Professor Eric J. Alm, Professor Tami Lieberman and graduate student Shijie Zhao publish research in Cell Host & Microbe

Professor Eric J. Alm, Herman L.F. Von Helmholtz Career Development Assistant Professor Tami Lieberman, and graduate student Shijie Zhao published research in Cell Host & Microbe titled “Adaptive Evolution within Gut Microbiomes of Healthy People.” The researchers combined culture-based population genomics with metagenomics to study the within-microbiome evolution of Bacteroides fragilis. The findings suggest that there is adaptive evolution [...]

Professor Admir Masic and graduate student Hyun-Chae Chad Loh publish research in ACS Central Science as part of a collaboration with Cornell University

Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Assistant Professor Admir Masic and graduate student Hyun-Chae Chad Loh, published research in ACS Central Science titled “Mapping and Profiling Lipid Distribution in a 3D Model of Breast Cancer Progression,” as part of a long-standing collaboration with Cornell University. The researchers utilized Raman spectroscopic imaging, a technique that provides information [...]

Professor Markus Buehler named a 2018 Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper Prize winner

McAfee Professor of Engineering and Department Head Markus Buehler was named a 2018 Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper Prize winner, awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The award was given for his paper titled “Bioinspired hierarchical composite design using machine learning: simulation, additive manufacturing, and experiment” that featured his former students Grace Gu, Chun-Teh Chen [...]