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2016 News in Brief



Check out a video: Redesigned 1.101 class innovates for a better future Boston

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PHOTO: 1.101: Introduction to Civil and Environmental EngineeringIn the fall semester of 2015, a group of Course 1 students enrolled in 1.101: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design – all with the goal to innovate Boston challenges and design real-world solutions. Under the direction of Professor Pedro Reis, the students divided into four groups with the following projects: (1) increasing energy generation by the aerodynamic of passing vehicles driving through a tunnel, (2) designing a sound damping wall near a freeway, (3) constructing a light well for new dorm, and (4) studying the wind tunnel effect in urban layouts. “The project-based design components of Course 1 are about having students recognize that by the technical training they are receiving, they can dream up their own ideas and work on projects that can have an impact to society,” said Reis. Watch the video.