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2014 News in Brief



Graphene Wrinkles Not a Problem

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Graphene’s exceptional mechanical and electronic properties make it a perfect candidate for applications such as flexible electronics and supercapacitors for energy storage, but its single-atom thickness also means it wrinkles easily, which could affect its ability to store a charge. Recently, a team including Dr. Zhao Qin, Professor Markus Buehler and Course 1 sophomore Mary Hwang have revealed for the first time that only two percent of the surface area of graphene is affected by wrinkles. To confirm this result, Zhao and Hwang have conducted an atom-by-atom analysis of the mechanics of graphene wrinkling, and developed a continuum mechanics model for different graphene geometries, sizes and loading conditions. This study provides important insights into the deformation of graphene, as well as efficient tools for designing the next generation of graphene nano-electronics. Read the ACS Nano Letters paper at: