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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory Spring 2021 Seminars Fridays 12 -1 pm, Zoom

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Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory Spring 2021 Seminars Fridays 12 -1 pm, Zoom

Environmental Science Seminar Series

Feb 12 – Ludmila Aristilde, Northwestern University. Host: Plata
Molecular insights on organic carbon cycling dynamics in bacterial cells, soil pores, and river processes

Feb 26 – Amy Hrdina, MIT. Host: Kroll
The Parallel Fate and Transformation of Toxins in the Body and in the Atmosphere

Mar 5 – Ramunas Stepanauskas, Bigelow Laboratory. Host: Chisholm Group
With trillions of microbes out there, which one do you choose?

Mar 12 – Anthony Walker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Host: Des Marais
Quantitative cat herding: Integrating the evidence for a terrestrial carbon sink caused by increasing atmospheric CO2

Mar 19 – Seppe Kuehn, The University of Chicago. Host: Cordero
The structure-function problem in denitrifying bacterial communities

Mar 26 – Holly Michael, University of Delaware. Host: Harvey
Is offshore fresh groundwater a resource for the future? Exploring hydrogeologic connections through the continental shelf

Apr 2 – Amy Mueller, Northeastern University. Host: Hemond
Role of multisensors and data science in optimizing operation of environmental infrastructure

Apr 9 – Maureen Coleman, The University of Chicago. Hosts: Des Marais & Chisholm
Not just bigger: the Laurentian Great Lakes as a unique microbial ecosystem

Apr 16 – Naomi Levine, University of Southern California. Host: Chisholm
Small but mighty – marine microbial dynamics and the impact on global carbon cycling

Apr 23 – Rachel O’Brien, The College of William & Mary. Host: Kroll
Photolysis of chromophores in atmospheric organic compounds: chemical transformations and photo bleaching

Apr 30 – Adam Subhas, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Host: Plata
The Marine CaCO3 Cycle and its Role in CO2 Neutralization

Organized by David Des Marais and Desiree Plata. Contact